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Sense of Unity on September 12th

It was wonderful to see many friends and neighbors at the September 11th commemorations at Cos Cob Park and at the Glenville Firehouse yesterday. A big thank you to all the dedicated organizers of these ceremonies.

What a testament to our shared humanity that year after year so many of us continue to gather to never forget that day and to honor those thousands of lives -- 32 lives with ties to Greenwich -- lost to an evil none of us could have imagined before. It stunned and changed the world as we knew it.

The next day, on September 12th, there was a sense of a unity among Americans as we all wore our broken hearts on our sleeves, brought together by shock and grief, but also by our shared abiding love for our country and what she stands for.

Greenwich's Sept 11th monument reads:

"Freedom. Liberty. Love. Courage. Forever."

Let's also never forget the sense of unity we felt on September 12th.


I hope you'll take a moment to watch this short video, which I created to share with you the principles that guide my work as your state representative.

I trust you.

I respect you.

Learn from yesterday.

Never give up.

Always add value.

Nurture your best.

Actions get results.

We can save Connecticut.


We knocked Dr. Bonasera's socks off!! We delivered so many new school supplies, thanks to YOU. Dr. Bonasera, Mrs. Pomerance, and other Roxbury teachers were all smiles. Thank you, thank you to our supporters who showed such love for Roxbury students. Thank you!!

SMILE FOR THE CAMERA Yard signs are here!! Our team will deliver to you. We would LOVE a photo of your dog, cat, hen, hamster, goat, and any other beloved pet with our yard signs!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! In Greenwich and Stamford, yard signs can be placed on your private property. Public places are allowed two weeks before the election on Nov 8th.

As your state representative these last two years, I have been your eyes and ears in Hartford. I've brought to you subject matter experts with credibility on the issues that impact your family and children, your business and livelihood, your sense of safety in your neighborhoods, and more. And always, I've focused on finding solutions.

I am excited to seek re-election and use my two years' experience to better champion good government for you;

I cannot do it without your help and support.

Thank you very much!!

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